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Lake and Finn have been having fun on our journey seeing wildlife, playing games, and seeing the stars- something that is definitely not available unless you are miles from Brooklyn ūüôā We are about to head out on a road trip to Cape York, the northern most part of Australia, where we will have limited service, so we thought it would be a good time to share some of Lake and Finn’s… Read More

All my life going to “the Cape” has meant Cape Cod in Massachusetts. It’s taken on a new meaning in the last few weeks as we have gotten ready for the next leg of our journey. We are pulling out of Cooktown today and headed to Cape York to the northern most tip of Australia. This one is a bucket list item for many 4wd travelers in Australia and we’re excited to… Read More

After leaving the Gem Fields we decided to continue our trek inland which brought us through Winton to Bladensburg National Park through Hughenden to Porcupine Gorge National Park and then to the lava tubes at Undara National Park. Bladensburg National Park felt a bit like landing on the moon. ¬†It was a truly beautiful location unlike another we have previously visited. ¬†It was about a 12km journey into the park. ¬†It is… Read More

Tonight marks our 30th consecutive night sleeping outdoors. ¬†Without a doubt, this is the longest consecutive stretch I have spent outdoors in my life. ¬†There were many elements of this trip that I pondered in advance of leaving New York. ¬†I thought about what we would do everyday, how the kids would adjust to being in the car, whether they would want to hike, what I would cook so we didn’t get… Read More

The other day we camped in¬†a beautiful national park by Porcupine Gorge in Queensland. ¬†This was nearing the end of ¬†a nice stretch of bush camping for us where we really set out to get dirty in Outback Queensland. ¬†The hike was too strenuous for the little guys, and just steep enough that I couldn‚Äôt alternate carrying them on my back, so this time I went solo and took a camera. ¬†Well,… Read More

We’ve recently spent five days on Queensland‚Äôs own Fraser Island – a world heritage listed island off the coast of Queensland only accessible by barge and only passable by high clearance 4WD vehicles. ¬†The trip was a great deal of fun and a good test of our 4WD skills and gear before heading out on longer journeys into “the bush.‚ÄĚ We were fortunate to have taken the advice of Vic and Eddy… Read More

Now that we have whet your appetite with descriptions of our thunder egg fossicking adventures, it is time to share our adventures in the heart of Australia’s gem fields. ¬†Once the boys heard there was a town named Emerald, they were insistent that we go see it for ourselves. ¬†We stayed in Sapphire and also visited Rubyvale. ¬†That’s right – those are the actual names of the towns and not surprisingly, all… Read More

One thing I’ve noticed here in Oz is that there are seemingly endless ways to refer to the bathroom in Aussie speak. Context has helped me, but few of these names resonate with four year old Americans! It seems like it was only a few months ago I was explaining to my young sons that “restroom” was another word for “bathroom”. Then the lesson expanded to the Men’s room is for Poppa… Read More

Our favorite (small) treasure hunters’ ears perked up when we mentioned that one of the potential stops would involve looking for gems and other valuables in the ground. ¬†When we mentioned that it would involve going to a town named Emerald, the excitement was nearly overwhelming for them. ¬†Decision made. ¬†We would go fossicking. ¬†We began our fossicking efforts in search of thunder eggs. For those of you not familiar, fossicking is… Read More

I will not soon forget our evening at the Lane at Palmwoods in Palmwoods, QLD. ¬†It was one of my favorite food and culinary experiences in quite some time. ¬†We began by shopping at Renae’s Pantry, which is an incredible local market. ¬†It is a carefully curated selection of organic, healthy, wonderful items of all sorts. ¬†There are pantry items, bulk grains and nuts, fresh breads, eco friendly cleaning supplies and certainly… Read More