White Chili

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Serves 8-10
I am a big fan of Superbowl chili, but this is another nice alternative. It also got eaten up pretty quickly when served as halftime fare.

3 lb chicken pieces
1 spicy turkey sausage, browned
1 1/2lb dried white beans, soaked overnight
2 bay leaves
3 peppers roasted and peeled (pref poblano but mix of red green yellow ok)
2 jalapenos roasted
3 onions, 1 quartered, 2 chopped
3 cloves garlic minced
2t chili powder
2t cumin
1t oregano
1/4c maple syrup
3/4c corn (frozen)
1c half and half

Cheese, shredded
Sour cream
Cilantro chopped


1. Cover beans with water and bring to boil with 1 onion and bay leaves. When soft drain beans.
2. Separately cook chicken pieces covered in water with bay leaf and one onion quartered. Cook until chicken is poached – about 30 min. When cooked, shred chicken.
3. While beans and chicken are cooking, brown turkey sausage and roast peppers. When peppers are roasted, place in bowl tightly covered with plastic wrap. After 20 minutes remove plastic, peel peppers, de-seed and chop.
4. Saute onions. When onions are golden, add all ingredients, but maple syrup, corn and cream. Add broth to cover. Slowly simmer for at least 2 hours. Add maple syrup after one hour of cooking.
5. Adjust seasonings.
6. Prior to serving, stir in cream and corn. Eat with toppings – they really add a lot.

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