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Monthly Archives: May 2015

When we had a flat tyre on our way to Coral Bay last week, we decided that caution was the order of the day.  So we turned around and drove back to Carnarvon to get the tyre sorted out.  Instantly, we had help from our friend Vic and Coopers Tires, who were super responsive in helping us get back on the road. When we returned to caravan park that we had just… Read More

et me tell you about Monday – Jay’s birthday.   We began the our morning in the most idyllic camp spot on a warm, sunny day. We were nestled behind a sand dune after a drive in on a fun, but completely tame 4WD sand track outside of Jurien Bay, Western Australia. We were so appreciative of our friends having found this spot. We met up to camp with them after originally… Read More