Miles from Brooklyn


You know you’ve been on the road for awhile when: More of your beauty products come from the food section of the grocery store than the makeup counter. (Hello coconut oil!)   Packing up the inside of the camper trailer together with your spouse while your kids read in the car feels kind of like date night. You find yourself excitedly recounting the beautifully clean showers of a caravan park to a stranger…. Read More

et me tell you about Monday – Jay’s birthday.   We began the our morning in the most idyllic camp spot on a warm, sunny day. We were nestled behind a sand dune after a drive in on a fun, but completely tame 4WD sand track outside of Jurien Bay, Western Australia. We were so appreciative of our friends having found this spot. We met up to camp with them after originally… Read More

I’ve just returned from what would have been an entirely unremarkable experience a few months ago. I had what can only be described as an average shower, but today it was glorious. Two disclaimers before I begin. I am fully aware that some people will read this post and it will reveal me as a high maintenance camper or even (gasp!) a glamper. I am also fully aware that some people will… Read More

Tonight marks our 30th consecutive night sleeping outdoors.  Without a doubt, this is the longest consecutive stretch I have spent outdoors in my life.  There were many elements of this trip that I pondered in advance of leaving New York.  I thought about what we would do everyday, how the kids would adjust to being in the car, whether they would want to hike, what I would cook so we didn’t get… Read More