Rain, rain and more rain

Out of respect for the seriousness of drought, I will refrain from the alternate title I considered, “rain, rain, go away”. But wow, has it rained! We have had rain every day in our camper trailer over the past few nights save for the first 3 nights in the bitter cold (when it would have been snow!) and the two nights we ended up indoors while our camper trailer was being repaired due to the gale force winds we encountered one day in combination with rain.

We are wishing we were more capable meteorologists and perhaps better studied on the random towns we are now considering visiting in an effort to escape this weather. The forecast calls for rain in every direction from our current location for the next week or so. We are already feeling pretty waterlogged and with the tent not yet fully seasoned (and therefore leaking), this is more of a literal than figurative statement.

So we need a plan. The plan was to go up the east coast before turning inland and heading south again as the seasons change. It’s winter here now and we are at the tail end of the season to see some of the most northern areas before it gets too hot.

If we head inland now (and by inland I mean 1000 miles inland) it will be a challenge to make it all the way back east to see some of far north Queensland, which we have hoped to do.

Back to studying the maps and reinventing our next few weeks.

3 Comments on “Rain, rain and more rain

  1. Looks like today was sunny!
    If you can hold out until Friday, forecast looks like Sunshine!


  2. Gidday folks just stumbeled over your story about leaving your jobs in N.Y to do a lap of OZ, wishing you oh so so many of absolute incredable family times together, sounds like your boys are just loving having Mum and Dad with them this much(as in time) its great yous are sharing that many meals and true family time together, i have only read a bit of your blog and yous are loving it, we just need ya to keep putting stuff on the roof ha ha ha, thanks for all the rain dont usually get this much in 10yrs where your at needs it bad even more in the outback, the farmer will love yous all, we are a friendly mob us Ausswies and people get even frienlyer inland your seeing it already hey, like i said just started reading your blog when i catch up to where your at if i can help you at all let me know like what sort of roads where your headed, whether, places along the way anything you need to know if i can help dont hesitate k, you might want to make your own mistakes and stuff i can understand that too, so for now happy touring your welcome to gods country your welcome with open arms, us Aussies are there if you need us no matter what part of the country or coast you are at, dont forget we4 have 7,200 beaqutiful beaches some nobody has ever walked on cheers Russell & Lynne Sydney


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