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Today we were on a bush walk through a rainforest in Eungella National Park at the top of a mountain above the dry forest below. We were walking through the forest, enjoying the cool air trapped by the canopy, with a trail that wended its way through trees, vines, and large rocks as we headed towards a platform that was supposed to be optimal for a late afternoon platypus sighting. The boys… Read More

I begin with a disclaimer that this post is written with a total lack of cultural sensitivity for my new Australian friends. I apologize in advance for my American post, but I will say this is the only time I plan on being so brashly patriotic on this blog. Other times it is just an accident… This is not an accident ūüėČ One of the more surprising realizations we have had over… Read More

One of the things I have enjoyed about Australia is the way that everyday nature is so different from home. This might seem strange to an Australian, but I love looking at gum trees of all kinds, not because I’m looking for koalas – which I’ll admit, sometimes I am- but because I love beautiful trees, and these are all so different from the ones I am used to. We have a… Read More

One of Jay’s most impressive parenting talents is his ability to tell the boys incredible stories incorporating all of their friends, favorite animals, super heroes and just about anything else he can think of to pull them in. It has been a wonderful way to help the kids continue to feel connected to our friends and life in Brooklyn while they are sleeping in the middle of the Outback. Their Montessori Day… Read More

Before we cover what happened next to Cave Lion, who we left bogged in Nolan’s Brook, left front tire spinning in the sand, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how lucky we feel to have been able to make the trip to Australia’s tip. If you haven’t read parts 1-4, you may want to take a look before moving forward: Our trip up to Cape York was the kind… Read More

(Begin by reading¬†part 1, 2 and 3 in this series.) There’s nothing quite like jumping into¬†a waterfall, falling deep into clear blue water, and then bobbing up to find yourself in the roaring center of a circle of white foam…. Our third day on the Old Telegraph Track was adventure-filled, as we broke camp with a quick breakfast and the last of our locally grown Black Mountain Blend hand-ground coffee – probably… Read More

We have been the beneficiaries of incredible Aussie hospitality at every turn on our journey so far.¬† Readers of Miles from Brooklyn will know of how Vic Widman at Great Divide Tours helped us immeasurably while we planned our trip from the States and upon arrival, and we are happy to report that we were fortunate enough to encounter many new friends on our trip to Cape York as well.¬† Cairns-based 4WD… Read More

You may be wondering what our twin five-year old blond haired boys were doing while we were contemplating whether Palm Creek would destroy our newly acquired Cub Camper (read part 1 here). To get a better view of our companions’ creek crossing, and the potential obstacles we might face, we had all scrambled down to the bottom of the creek bed to watch the show. Fortunately – or unfortunately if you are… Read More

We are on our way back from an odyssey to Cape York, the northernmost point in Australia and home to one of the country’s most well known 4WD tracks – the Old Telegraph Track. Cape York is about the size of Florida, but it has very few roads, none of which are paved, and many that are only vaguely maintained if at all. The exploration of Cape York is infamous in Australian… Read More