Miles from Brooklyn


Today I encountered the largest electrical challenge in the “Miranda wants to be an auto-electrician” portion of our journey. If you follow us on Facebook, you know that I have been enjoying learning about various mechanical and electrical elements of our Cruiser and trailers. It’s a whole new world of learning for me and on a practical level makes us much more self-sufficient as various little things go wrong during our journey. … Read More

Other considered titles My Worst Nightmare Worst Night Ever Oh. My. God. Last Night A disclaimer before I begin. No one was hurt and therefore in the grand scheme of events that can occur during our travels in the outback this was inconsequential. And yes, we are already aware of all of the deadly creatures and assorted threats possible during remote travel. My sister, Eliza flew from Brooklyn to travel with us… Read More

Before we cover what happened next to Cave Lion, who we left bogged in Nolan’s Brook, left front tire spinning in the sand, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on how lucky we feel to have been able to make the trip to Australia’s tip. If you haven’t read parts 1-4, you may want to take a look before moving forward: Our trip up to Cape York was the kind… Read More

OK, we aren’t on a dingy in the middle of the sea, but it sort of has felt like it.  We have been contending with endless rain for five days.  Rain is generally welcomed in this part of the country (and in much of the country), but to a family of new camping travelers, it left a little to be desired.  But like the good natured folk that we are, we smiled (with an… Read More

Friendly Salesman: “Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Cub Supamatic camper trailer! Welcome to your new home away from home. Here are the keys…Err, have you ever towed anything before?” Me: “Umm. No.” Friendly Salesman cautiously looking around: “Great.  Look.  How about you let me back it off our property and then she’s all yours.”   And so began our experience towing our camper trailer dubbed Siberian Tiger by… Read More

Such a good question and one that felt a bit perplexing when Jay said we needed to do a blog post on this topic.  I will take a crack at explaining it here with the disclaimer that I find myself saying several times a day (often aloud) “What a In 2007, Jay and I left our jobs and went on a round the world trip.  We spent a couple of months in… Read More