Superbowl Chili

Back to Mains

Serves 20 (no Leftovers)

4 Lbs Ground Sirloin (85% Lean)
2 Lbs Hot Pork Italian Sausage
2 Lbs Sweet Pork Italian Sausage
5 Sweet Onions

3 Cans Whole Plum Tomatoes
3 cans Black Beans
2 Cans Red Beans
1 Can Pinto Beans

3T Chili Powder
3T Cumin Powder
1T Adobe Seasoning
1t Cayenne
2T Bittersweet Chocolate
2T Maple Syrup
Pinch Cinnamon

1-2 Bottles Stout Beer

Salt to taste


1. Brown All Meat
2. Add Onions and Saute together until Onions have Softened
3. Add Cumin and Chili Powder and Mix
4. Add all canned goods
5. After 1 hour of simmering add additional seasonings
6. After 2 hours add beer
7. Stir every 30 minutes and focus on the bottom of the pan where the chili can over cook
8. Adjust seasonings
9. Cook for at least 5 hours

Note: Vegetarian Chili is very similar. Add additional beans and tomatoes. Be careful of sweet flavors as they stand out more in the veggie version.

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