Roti Jala

Makes 10 thin crepes
Make as an accompaniment to Nyonya Chicken Curry. Recipe from the Bon Ton resort in Langkawi, Malaysia
IMGP64971 – 1 1/2c a.p. flour
1t salt
1 egg
2t turmeric powder (for color)


1. Whisk ingredients together until smooth and consistency of crepe batter.
2. Blend ingredients in blender to ensure that mixture is completely smooth.
3. Heat 12-inch fry pan over low heat and rub pan with oil-coated towel.
4. Put batter in special little 5 spigot batter funnel. Funnel should be kept in cup when not in use, so the batter doesn’t spill everywhere.
5. For each pancake, work quickly holding the funnel close to the pan and draw small circles (2-3inches) quickly all around the pan. Make sure that the lines are thin, so the pancake appears lacy.
IMGP6495 IMGP6492
6. After about 30 seconds the edges will begin to peel away from the pan. Slide pancake onto plate and fold in quarters or sixths.

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