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Australia has a new solution to its draught problems: just send me outside to put anything in the roofbag, and the skies will open up! It’s no rain dance, but it gets the job done! I would count six times this week I have come in from the rain, waited until it stopped, and darted to the car, only to invite the next deluge right when I was totally exposed to the… Read More

Out of respect for the seriousness of drought, I will refrain from the alternate title I considered, “rain, rain, go away”. But wow, has it rained! We have had rain every day in our camper trailer over the past few nights save for the first 3 nights in the bitter cold (when it would have been snow!) and the two nights we ended up indoors while our camper trailer was being repaired… Read More

OK, we aren’t on a dingy in the middle of the sea, but it sort of has felt like it.  We have been contending with endless rain for five days.  Rain is generally welcomed in this part of the country (and in much of the country), but to a family of new camping travelers, it left a little to be desired.  But like the good natured folk that we are, we smiled (with an… Read More

Friendly Salesman: “Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Cub Supamatic camper trailer! Welcome to your new home away from home. Here are the keys…Err, have you ever towed anything before?” Me: “Umm. No.” Friendly Salesman cautiously looking around: “Great.  Look.  How about you let me back it off our property and then she’s all yours.”   And so began our experience towing our camper trailer dubbed Siberian Tiger by… Read More

Land Cruiser down! Land Cruiser. These were my first words announced over our UHF radio as part of our 4WD training at the Great Divide Tours training center this weekend — and I must admit, it felt kind of cool. Our course was both scary and exhilarating and the balance thankfully shifted towards exhilarating over the course of the weekend. We began with a tire placement exercise that has us driving down… Read More

Tonight will be our last night indoors before we head out in our tiny house on wheels!   Tomorrow morning we will wake up early to say goodbye to our lovely apartment in Manly and headlong into our adventure.  We will (magically) pack our car such that all of our bags fit and we can make it to the camper trailer facility. I am thinking we might have a family member or two… Read More

Due to popular demand, we are releasing photos of our whole crew with Outback Vic!  Thanks again for your help with our car and camper Vic!   

For the last few days we have been very focused on getting our recently acquired 2005 Land Cruiser and Cub Camper Supamatic registered, souped up, insured and prepared for action in the Australian outback.  This is the culmination of weeks of preparation by Miranda, time and advice from our extremely generous outback guru Vic Widman, and of course the skills and the mechanical know how of Eddy at Artarmon Automotive.   Me, I… Read More

Such a good question and one that felt a bit perplexing when Jay said we needed to do a blog post on this topic.  I will take a crack at explaining it here with the disclaimer that I find myself saying several times a day (often aloud) “What a In 2007, Jay and I left our jobs and went on a round the world trip.  We spent a couple of months in… Read More

We made it to our interim lodgings in Manly, a suburb of Sydney known for its beaches and surfing, by 7:30AM Sydney time, with very little trouble – despite our mountain of bags! Rather than napping, we decided to take the town by storm.  I rushed out to finalize our Australian bank account and figure out how to get health care. Meanwhile, Miranda and the boys explored our new accommodations.  While waiting in… Read More