Miles from Brooklyn


Two years ago today, a moving van sat outside of our apartment in Brooklyn, New York, and all that remained of our belongings were rapidly filling the truck. It was a moment filled with exhilaration, anxiety and confusion. Had we kept the right things? What would I wear tomorrow? Had we left out bedding to sleep that night? Where were we headed? What were we doing?! We had made decisions about how… Read More

If you haven’t yet – check out part one The shock was down. The bushes on our shock, in fact, had completely disintegrated. I turned to Miranda and gave the universal sign for dismay: thumbs down. This was not a life threatening tragedy, but also not something we wanted to leave until after crossing the remaining 950kms of the Tanami Desert. Also consider, that I thought the only meaning of the word… Read More

Sometimes I am told my caveman beard and Grizzly Adams look can be a bit intimidating – perhaps even scary. If you know me, of course you also know that not only do I lack the skill and stomach for fighting, I am also so slow that I can’t even run away if things take a turn for the worse. But, alone in the outback, looking like you might have the ability… Read More

Picture this. It’s about 2:30pm. Having just towed our camper trailer up a 6,000-foot mountain on a windy off-road track in Victoria’s High Country, we’re slowly stepping our way down a rocky descent. I’ve got Cave Lion, our 100 Series Land Cruiser, in low range, trying to keep the momentum of our Cub off-road Supamatic camper trailer under control as we gingerly poke our way down the mountain. That extra day of… Read More

(Begin by reading part 1, 2 and 3 in this series.) There’s nothing quite like jumping into a waterfall, falling deep into clear blue water, and then bobbing up to find yourself in the roaring center of a circle of white foam…. Our third day on the Old Telegraph Track was adventure-filled, as we broke camp with a quick breakfast and the last of our locally grown Black Mountain Blend hand-ground coffee – probably… Read More

We have been the beneficiaries of incredible Aussie hospitality at every turn on our journey so far.  Readers of Miles from Brooklyn will know of how Vic Widman at Great Divide Tours helped us immeasurably while we planned our trip from the States and upon arrival, and we are happy to report that we were fortunate enough to encounter many new friends on our trip to Cape York as well.  Cairns-based 4WD… Read More

Friendly Salesman: “Congratulations, you are now the proud owner of a Cub Supamatic camper trailer! Welcome to your new home away from home. Here are the keys…Err, have you ever towed anything before?” Me: “Umm. No.” Friendly Salesman cautiously looking around: “Great.  Look.  How about you let me back it off our property and then she’s all yours.”   And so began our experience towing our camper trailer dubbed Siberian Tiger by… Read More