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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Finn and Lake were the extremely happy recipients of toy bows and arrows for Christmas.  The good news is, before we venture too far into this tale, that we still have eight eyes between the four of us.  The even better news is that these arrows were a massive hit with our adventure seeking young duo. The inspiration for the gift was our eldest twin son Finn (by all of two minutes), who… Read More

Adjusting Christmas family traditions while on the road can be a challenge. For most of December I found it difficult to imagine that Christmas was approaching. Nothing about the lead up to Christmas felt familiar. We hadn’t really celebrated Thanksgiving. We missed Chanukah entirely (oh my beloved latkes!). The stores in Australia had occasional Christmas references, but it is nothing near the all out Christmas extravaganza / deluge that engulfs every retail… Read More

I’ve just returned from what would have been an entirely unremarkable experience a few months ago. I had what can only be described as an average shower, but today it was glorious. Two disclaimers before I begin. I am fully aware that some people will read this post and it will reveal me as a high maintenance camper or even (gasp!) a glamper. I am also fully aware that some people will… Read More

With no television and extremely limited electronic device rationing, we have had a great time reading with Lake and Finn – and watching them take it up! The kids have enjoyed looking at books on their own, and a favorite series for them is the DK Readers Star Wars and Clone Wars collections, which includes at least five levels depending on how advanced you want to be. These also cover the fighting… Read More

You might be wondering after reading about our adventures in Kingoonya – how did this crazy family of city slickers from Brooklyn make it through the Outback from Longreach through the Strzelecki desert anyway? Shouldn’t they be crow food? It’s a good question! Fortunately for all involved, our travels through the Outback involved no snakes other than this one fascinating piece of art near the beginning of our journey. The thing about… Read More