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Other considered titles My Worst Nightmare Worst Night Ever Oh. My. God. Last Night A disclaimer before I begin. No one was hurt and therefore in the grand scheme of events that can occur during our travels in the outback this was inconsequential. And yes, we are already aware of all of the deadly creatures and assorted threats possible during remote travel. My sister, Eliza flew from Brooklyn to travel with us… Read More

It was about 12 degrees Celsius hotter than our guidebook’s projected average Spring temperature for pretty much our entire trip from Longreach to Adelaide. Ouch! Last Wednesday a friendly caretaker at Beltana Station saw sweat tickling down my brow and asked me how hot it gets in New York. She had seen a movie one time where the main character is a woman who is trying to escape oppressive heat in a… Read More

What does sunburnt yuppie taste like? Just ask the tiny flies outside of Birdsville, because they sure took a bite out of me! This week we began a long trip to South Australia from the Tropic of Capricorn through the scorching heat of the Australian Outback. While we have been in many areas of the country that would qualify as the outback by any measure, we had not yet been to the… Read More

Would you boys like to feed a cow? Pick an avocado? Crush a macadamia nut? Feed a cow? Feed the chooks? Sit on a tractor? Ride on a mower? Eat a green ant? The list goes on and on! We had just headed off after a fabulous stop in the hills outside Yeppoon, QLD. We were invited to stay at Cameron’s house on our trip south. You may remember Cameron was one… Read More

Forgive the Cheers reference, but this story was too good to pass up. We spent one afternoon in Longreach about two months ago, and we stocked up on our meat at the local butcher during that stop. We have been bush camping a lot, so when we make our way to town, often a bit bedraggled and dirty, food shopping is the first order of business. Then showers and laundry. When we… Read More