Miles from Brooklyn


I caused a bit of a stir the other day when I decided to roast poblano chile peppers in the camp kitchen. I spied my beloved peppers at the Albany farmers market this past Saturday and it was my first time seeing them since arriving in Australia. I had to get them!    The thing about poblano peppers is that the skin is bitter, and they are best when they’re roasted with… Read More

Forgive the Cheers reference, but this story was too good to pass up. We spent one afternoon in Longreach about two months ago, and we stocked up on our meat at the local butcher during that stop. We have been bush camping a lot, so when we make our way to town, often a bit bedraggled and dirty, food shopping is the first order of business. Then showers and laundry. When we… Read More

I will not soon forget our evening at the Lane at Palmwoods in Palmwoods, QLD.  It was one of my favorite food and culinary experiences in quite some time.  We began by shopping at Renae’s Pantry, which is an incredible local market.  It is a carefully curated selection of organic, healthy, wonderful items of all sorts.  There are pantry items, bulk grains and nuts, fresh breads, eco friendly cleaning supplies and certainly… Read More

I had what I considered to be a cooking eureka moment the other day and thought it would be too good not to share. (Although I freely admit that the rapid cycling temperatures from hot to cold could be affecting my judgement…) I began by sautéing an onion (I would have used two if I had them) and two carrots with a pound of ground pork and a pound and a half… Read More