An Evening in Palmwoods

I will not soon forget our evening at the Lane at Palmwoods in Palmwoods, QLD.  It was one of my favorite food and culinary experiences in quite some time.  We began by shopping at Renae’s Pantry, which is an incredible local market.  It is a carefully curated selection of organic, healthy, wonderful items of all sorts.  There are pantry items, bulk grains and nuts, fresh breads, eco friendly cleaning supplies and certainly last, but not least some amazing produce – all presented beautifully.  This would have been remarkable in and of itself, but Renae’s Pantry takes it a step further.  Local growers of all sorts are invited to bring their fresh produce in for sale (they set the price) and then in exchange, they can use the money earned to shop at the store.  It is a wonderful way to encourage local farming, keep money local and support health in the community. I loved it!  We stocked up on lots of supplies as we prepared to head out of town for a few days.

IMG_6364 IMG_6365





The boys enjoyed the stop very much as they had the chance to roll their own oats.   Oatmeal is one of their favorite breakfasts so it made it all the better. It was fun for them and even more exciting for me because I love for the kids to understand how food is made.

Rolling their oats!

Rolling their oats!

We then moved onto the wonderful dinner that occurs every Friday night.  The menu was mouth watering and the kids exclaimed we should order one of each, which we did.  

Delicious dinner menu for the Friday night dinner at the Lane in Palmwoods

Delicious dinner menu for the Friday night dinner at the Lane in Palmwoods

Dinner was in the back yard at various tables composed mostly of pillows on turned over milk crates.  The ambiance was lovely with sparkling little white lights, a great local singer, a fire burning and lots of people filling the tables.  It is clearly a local event.  We were glad to have the opportunity to join into the community even if only for a night.





The trip began with a trip to the playground to get our evening kicked off right!

2 Comments on “An Evening in Palmwoods

  1. I don’t think the boys could look happier or cuter if they tried! Amazing what sun and good food can do for an adventurous family!


  2. Hi you guys! I was honoured to stumble across this lovely piece during a Google search. Thank you. Hope your trip is going well… Renae xx


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