Miles from Brooklyn


I will not soon forget our evening at the Lane at Palmwoods in Palmwoods, QLD.  It was one of my favorite food and culinary experiences in quite some time.  We began by shopping at Renae’s Pantry, which is an incredible local market.  It is a carefully curated selection of organic, healthy, wonderful items of all sorts.  There are pantry items, bulk grains and nuts, fresh breads, eco friendly cleaning supplies and certainly… Read More

Farmer’s markets might be a bit of an obsession of mine. I have been known to drag our family to the market in the middle of howling wind and driving rain to make our weekly appearance at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market. It was one of our family rituals and one we all enjoyed each Saturday morning. I know Jay will take issue with my saying that I “dragged” the family… Read More