Miles from Brooklyn


Picture this. It’s about 2:30pm. Having just towed our camper trailer up a 6,000-foot mountain on a windy off-road track in Victoria’s High Country, we’re slowly stepping our way down a rocky descent. I’ve got Cave Lion, our 100 Series Land Cruiser, in low range, trying to keep the momentum of our Cub off-road Supamatic camper trailer under control as we gingerly poke our way down the mountain. That extra day of… Read More

OK, we aren’t on a dingy in the middle of the sea, but it sort of has felt like it.  We have been contending with endless rain for five days.  Rain is generally welcomed in this part of the country (and in much of the country), but to a family of new camping travelers, it left a little to be desired.  But like the good natured folk that we are, we smiled (with an… Read More

Such a good question and one that felt a bit perplexing when Jay said we needed to do a blog post on this topic.  I will take a crack at explaining it here with the disclaimer that I find myself saying several times a day (often aloud) “What a In 2007, Jay and I left our jobs and went on a round the world trip.  We spent a couple of months in… Read More