How We Roll: Setting Up for Long Term Family Travel

Figuring how to set-up a car and a camper trailer to carry our whole family around Australia for a year was quite a daunting task.  Since we don’t have any friends or family in Australia, we knew that whatever we wanted to have in the country with us would need to be carried somewhere in our set-up.  I sat half a world away from Vic Widman from Great Divide Tours as he shared endless advice both about the big things and minute details as we made decisions first on what vehicle (100 Series Toyota Land Cruiser) and off-road, hard floor camper trailer (Cub Camper Supamatic Regal) and then how to equip the vehicle and trailer.  From my couch in Brooklyn, I spent endless hours researching sites online, watching YouTube videos and exchanging emails with Vic before it all got set-up trying to imagine how this would all take shape in real life.

Our family of 4 have been traveling and living in Cave Lion and Siberian Tiger for six months now and it is high time I share some details about our set-up.  I haven’t yet successfully made a Pimp My Ride style video, so this post will have to do for now.  I have added a page to this blog that includes all of the details of our 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser and our hard floor Cub Camper Trailer.

Check out “The Set-up” for all the details!

We have come to have deep affection for these two inanimate objects that provide our shelter and our transportation.  Looking through our photos, I think we might take as many pictures of Cave Lion doing amazing things as I do of the kids… I try to spare you too much of either of this blog though!

And if you have any questions about any items in the set-up, please let me know.  I enjoy discussing all of these endlessly researched choices… perhaps a little too much!

3 Comments on “How We Roll: Setting Up for Long Term Family Travel

  1. Thank you for explaining all that…EYE even understood it!

    I knew yall would be highly organized, & this certainly supersedes any of my previous wild notions of unforeseen savagery or impetuous road-kill-lunches for those precious boys!!!

    Am so pleased each time I see an entry… they are as beautiful as the pictures … ( such a relaxed read )…& tis a lifestyle of envy, overwhelmingly overridden with tremendous pride & love for your wonderful & adventurous family.

    Peggy XOXO


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