9 Signs You’ve Been on the Road Awhile

You know you’ve been on the road for awhile when:

  1. More of your beauty products come from the food section of the grocery store than the makeup counter. (Hello coconut oil!)
  2.   Packing up the inside of the camper trailer together with your spouse while your kids read in the car feels kind of like date night.
  3. You find yourself excitedly recounting the beautifully clean showers of a caravan park to a stranger.
  4. You find yourself idly day dreaming about finding another one of those showers.
  5. When people say everything you carry with you should be multipurpose, the atlas comes to mind due to its mapping ability as well as an ideal surface for constructing sandwiches.  
  6.    When the red dirt stains on your clothes and car are no longer from the most recent stretch of the trip, but realistically from a few months ago.
  7. Meeting another owner of your camper trailer brand turns into a 90 minute conversation where you eagerly dash around the trailer talking about zippers, washing hooks and proper greasing techniques.
  8.   You find yourself offering to help those stopped on the side of the track with a flat tyre, not just to be nice, but because you actually know what to do.  
  9. You find yourself explaining to someone that an area is not really remote even though you will not see a grocery store for two weeks, there will be no mobile signal and there is only a single place to get fuel… Because, come on, there will be other cars occasionally. 

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