Lake and Finn’s favorites

Lake and Finn have been having fun on our journey seeing wildlife, playing games, and seeing the stars- something that is definitely not available unless you are miles from Brooklyn đŸ™‚

We are about to head out on a road trip to Cape York, the northern most part of Australia, where we will have limited service, so we thought it would be a good time to share some of Lake and Finn’s favorite things.

Some of these have changed over the last two months, some have stayed the same!

The family playlist has evolved quite a bit over the trip. As you can imagine with so much time on the road, we have become very familiar with these kiddo favorites!

L: Let it Go, Home, Feliz Navidad, American Girl

F: American Pie, The Ninjas by Barenaked Ladies, Stay and Defend

Favorite Color:
L: Blue, second favorite pink
F: Green, second favorite blue

Favorite animal:
L: Lion, second favorite is a tie between mammoth and orca whale
F: Tiger, second favorite is shark. Tiger sharks are also greatly admired (from a distance)

Favorite Australian animals;
L: “I like all of them!” Koalas, cassowaries and dingos have all been mentioned as favorites over time!
F: Sharks.

Favorite spot in Australia
L: Fraser Island at Lake Birrabeen. Second favorite- Cub Camper factory outside of Sydney
F: Shipwreck on Fraser Island. Second favorite- world’s largest jumping pillow in Cairns

Favorite foods so far in Australia.
L: Blueberries. “Australia has organic blueberries too!”
F: Campfire m&m cookiesIMG_6516.JPGIMG_6548.JPG



3 Comments on “Lake and Finn’s favorites

  1. I love the photo of the two of them peering from the back seat. It makes me feel how wondrous it must be for you, Mirm and Jay, to be in the front – feeling their joy at this wonderful adventure.


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