Miles from Brooklyn


After leaving the Gem Fields we decided to continue our trek inland which brought us through Winton to Bladensburg National Park through Hughenden to Porcupine Gorge National Park and then to the lava tubes at Undara National Park. Bladensburg National Park felt a bit like landing on the moon.  It was a truly beautiful location unlike another we have previously visited.  It was about a 12km journey into the park.  It is… Read More

The other day we camped in a beautiful national park by Porcupine Gorge in Queensland.  This was nearing the end of  a nice stretch of bush camping for us where we really set out to get dirty in Outback Queensland.  The hike was too strenuous for the little guys, and just steep enough that I couldn’t alternate carrying them on my back, so this time I went solo and took a camera.  Well,… Read More