More fossicking adventures

Now that we have whet your appetite with descriptions of our thunder egg fossicking adventures, it is time to share our adventures in the heart of Australia’s gem fields.  Once the boys heard there was a town named Emerald, they were insistent that we go see it for ourselves.  We stayed in Sapphire and also visited Rubyvale.  That’s right – those are the actual names of the towns and not surprisingly, all of the activity is gem centered.

Here is a quick look at our search for sapphires.

Spoiler alert… we did not stumble upon fortune 🙂

3 Comments on “More fossicking adventures

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lake and Finn! If you find a big ruby, emerald or Safire, remember your Mimi LOVES jewelry! (Just kidding!) Have a great birthday I love you Mimi

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  2. Heard boys are on huge bounce pillow so assume their birthday will be grand! This looks amazing! U might not be rich in gems but your wealth of experience is overwhelming! Lots of love!


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