Ewes and Blokes

One thing I’ve noticed here in Oz is that there are seemingly endless ways to refer to the bathroom in Aussie speak. Context has helped me, but few of these names resonate with four year old Americans!

It seems like it was only a few months ago I was explaining to my young sons that “restroom” was another word for “bathroom”. Then the lesson expanded to the Men’s room is for Poppa and the Ladies room was for Mommy – they could use either as long as they were with the right parent.

Fast forward to Oz and now I’m explaining that “toilets”means “restroom” – straight forward enough– and “gents” means “men”- also not that hard.

Maybe it’s Queensland, lately things have gotten more complicated…

“Ok – let’s go to the bathroom”
“But Poppa – that says Blokes. what are blokes?”
“Oh, Blokes also means Men.”
“But why did Mommy go into the ‘Sheilas’ room?”
“Sheilas means women’s”
“Who is Shiela?”
“Ummm, I’m sorry I have no idea….but I promise that’s the bathroom and there is no one named Shiela inside.”

Yesterday capped it off when Mommy had to go into the Ewe’s room!


2 Comments on “Ewes and Blokes

  1. too, too funny! ….am sooo enjoying yall’s interpretations along the way!


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