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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Farmer’s markets might be a bit of an obsession of mine. I have been known to drag our family to the market in the middle of howling wind and driving rain to make our weekly appearance at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market. It was one of our family rituals and one we all enjoyed each Saturday morning. I know Jay will take issue with my saying that I “dragged” the family… Read More

I had what I considered to be a cooking eureka moment the other day and thought it would be too good not to share. (Although I freely admit that the rapid cycling temperatures from hot to cold could be affecting my judgement…) I began by sautéing an onion (I would have used two if I had them) and two carrots with a pound of ground pork and a pound and a half… Read More

I went back and forth about writing this post, but figured it was an honest reflection on the epiphanies I have had in the last few weeks. When we first began our life in caravan parks a few weeks ago, I found myself awkwardly entertained or feeling just plain awkward as I saw people stumbling from their caravans to the amenities block. I couldn’t adjust to seeing people walking in their bed… Read More

Good news!  We have returned safely and without major incident from a 4WD adventure on Fraser Island – thankfully faring better than this vehicle did on its adventures in rural Queensland! More about our recent travels to come as we seek out a reasonable internet connection, but we are happy to report improved weather, loads of fun, interesting sights, and plenty of activities over the last week!   If you’re not already… Read More