Caravan park fashion

I went back and forth about writing this post, but figured it was an honest reflection on the epiphanies I have had in the last few weeks.

When we first began our life in caravan parks a few weeks ago, I found myself awkwardly entertained or feeling just plain awkward as I saw people stumbling from their caravans to the amenities block. I couldn’t adjust to seeing people walking in their bed clothes across the park and it was often accentuated with some cold weather gear as it was quite chilly in the morning. I found viewing strangers in aging bathrobes, rag tag clothes walking earnestly with their bag of toiletries to be a new experience… At least separate from he way it was sometimes experienced on the streets in New York.

Now just a few short weeks later, I too find myself stumbling to the amenities block wearing an outfit that I would not have been caught dead in answering the door for the UPS guy a couple of months ago. I pondered describing my outfit, but then realized I wasn’t ready for such disclosures in a public forum. Let’s just say that it begins with ski socks and flip flops and just gets better from there…

3 Comments on “Caravan park fashion

    • I totally agree. Every time I try to take a picture of myself in my get-up, I lose my nerve. Perhaps a couple more weeks on the road and I will have lost all sense of dignity…


    • I went for it Leigh! Now with an awesome picture of my around camp footwear. Never before have I considered that a pair of crocs would be a fashion upgrade from my current state.


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