Arrived in Sydney

38 minutes until landing! If I successfully posted this note, it means we have arrived!

23 hours and 30 minutes after leaving New York we are about to touch down in Sydney. So far the travel has been flawless. The boys did beautifully. They slept on both flights and have put in some serious iPad time.  Meanwhile, on the advice of his friend Mike, Jay took the time to catch up on all of the superhero and action movies he’s missed over the last four years.  We really lucked out getting upgraded to business class seats on the San Francisco to Sydney leg. We all had flat beds which led to much more sleep than we would have otherwise gotten on this flight. 

Now for the real fun! Trying to move our tired boys and our 19 pieces of luggage all at once. Many of you know that I have worried extensively about the next 60 minutes of complexity trying to move everything after so much travel. I will let you know how it goes!

Goodbye NYC!

Goodbye NYC!


Video games for kids on the plane.


Lake and Jay enjoying Business class - we could get used to this...

Lake and Jay enjoying Business class – we could get used to this…

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